Clarification of tips of hair: how to carry out the procedure

Clarification of tips of hair: how to carry out the procedure

Practically each woman likes to experiment with the appearance. It can concern clothes style, make-up, hairstyle or hair color. Experts are sure that at least once in life any woman decided on cardinal changes of color of the head of hear.

Clarification of tips

Women aim to create the ideal image independently. Actually, change of color can change any lady to unrecognizability, having given it tenderness charm at clarification, cold severity when coloring locks in dark shades and impudence and coquetry when using red palette. However, if you hesitate on serious changes, there is ideal exit – clarification of tips of locks. Today is the most demanded service in beauty shops.

The modern technologies applied in the course of coloring of hair are quite various. They allow to achieve various effects. In case you want influence of chemical funds for head of hear to be more sparing, try to clarify only tips of hair.

This equipment which is type of highlighting carries the name "balayazh". When coloring hair with use of this equipment paint is applied only on separate small locks, at quite long distance from roots. Painted with use of this equipment, curls look naturally, naturally and is well-groomed, besides, they do not need regular coloring. The equipment balayazh is quite simple, but very effective method of coloring of hair. It allows to refresh image, avoiding sweeping changes. Clarification of tips of hair equally beautifully looks also on the graduated hairstyles, and on short hair. Many owners of long hair paint the locks in such equipment that saves them from need of frequentation hairdressing salon – enough few times in year to refresh color.

As such coloring becomes

To clarify tips of hair absolutely simply, it can easily be executed in house conditions. But after all this procedure is more often it is carried out by professionals. First of all hair are divided into small locks and are fixed by elastic bands. Then the special clarifying structure is applied on the tips. At the same time it is necessary to avoid hit of paint on hair in the field of roots. Quite often on long hair or hairstyles of average length, the painted tips in addition are wrapped in foil. In case of holding procedure on long locks or on hairstyles with accurate contour, the master puts the painting means by means of special brush or just with fingers. Use of foil in this case is optional. When coloring hair with chemical wave in the equipment balayazh, the hairdresser displaces the thin divided locks in flat curls and clamps, leaving tips of hair free, the clarifying structure is applied afterwards on them. Smooth transition of the painted locks looks very naturally. But it must be kept in mind that the clarified tips on direct long locks will not look effectively, it occurs because the boundary in this case between the painted and unpainted hair will be too clear. Despite all efforts of the master, impression of just grown roots will be made. Therefore before coloring it is desirable to make the adjusting hairstyle, for example, cascade or short flight of stairs. Also perfectly looks balayazh on wavy curls.

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