Clay - remarkable way of care for skin

Clay - remarkable way of care for skin

Clay differs in multipurpose action thanks to which it is possible to prevent many problems of skin effectively. It does not cause irritation and allergic reactions, and its useful properties will bring a lot of benefit for organism.

Clay is nothing but natural sedimentary rocks which then are processed finally to take the form of very fine and light dust which can be used as popular mask with small amount of warm water and, if desired, by several drops of oil. Cosmetics creation independently is possible and does not demand a lot of time. 

To place 1 teaspoon of clay in porcelain bowl and to mix carefully with water before formation of mix similar to sour cream. Then evenly to distribute it on the purified skin and to wait about 15-20 minutes. From time to time, when the mask begins to dry, put hydrolat (aloe belief, damask steel, camomile, not role flower, etc.). At last, carefully to wash away medicine. 

If the oily skin mixed, strongly polluted or problem - green and blue clays (cambrian) become the best offers for it. The first look (green) the most rare of all clays. Has very strong cleaning, antibacterial, disinfecting and absorbing skin fat properties. Effectively neutralizes free radicals, helps to unblock time, reduces inflammation and gently tightens fabrics. Besides, it absorbs residual toxins and treats pimples. It is important to note that it also has positive impact on pathological changes, such as eczema and psoriasis. After use the face becomes smooth, soft and lit.

Cambrian clay has similar properties and at the same time accelerates regeneration processes, reduces the existing wrinkles and prevents education new, but if skin sensitive, thin, dry or mature, it is necessary to use valuable properties of white clay. It differs in very gentle and extremely light texture. It is the softest of all clays. Carefully cleans and smoothes skin, increases its elasticity and the irritation and inflammation calms, and thanks to wealth micro and macrocells strengthens and recovers the injured epidermis. 

Red clay will be ideal option all-type skin, but the most grateful for it is skin with tendency to damage of capillaries. This cosmetic perfectly cleans pores, removes toxins and absorbs surplus of skin fat. It is rich with several valuable minerals, feeds and treats and also pressurizes walls of blood vessels, preventing emergence of so-called vascular asterisks Besides, it unifies color and brings relief.

Black clay perfectly is suitable for the exhausted or strongly polluted skin. Improves blood circulation and warms fabrics thanks to what oxygen becomes better passable and more effectively gets rid of residual toxins. The healthy and shining look is restored, and fatigue symptoms quickly decrease. 

To keep freshness and youth as long as possible it is worth staking on favorable and available clay. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team