Fight for ideal skin

Fight for ideal skin

Each woman who had ever problems with extensions knows how she difficult is to get rid of them. Even expensive cream and exercise can not help if it is wrong to use them. It is impossible to get rid of this small trouble if not to approach it in a complex. All course consists of six obligatory points which will help you to get rid of young extensions and without ceremony to put on bathing suit.

1) The first and the main – glance in the fridge. The healthy balanced nutrition is basic aspect in battle for ideal skin. To get rid of extensions it is necessary to make sure that your diet is rich with the fatty acids and products containing potassium. For example, large amount of potassium contains in dried apricots, bananas and raisin, and fatty acids – in vegetable oil, nuts and fish of family sturgeon. When you are sure that in your diet there are enough microelements and vitamins, you pass to Paragraph number two.

2) Sport. Except healthy nutrition, obligatory load of muscles is necessary. Rule second is to keep fabrics in tone. In order that the mood was always lifted, and extensions never disturbed, give to sport at least 30 minutes a day. Register in yoga or to the pool, arrange jogs in the park or choose any fitness program – not important – move!

3) Let's look at arsenal of cosmetics. There are saloon procedures helping to get rid of extensions, but there are also those which can be made houses. Moistening will be the first point in skin care. Run eyes on regiments with creams from extensions and choose one which you will use. Cream or gels from striya have many useful effects: increase elasticity of skin, promote production of collagen; soften and moisturize the skin, accelerate cellular division. 4) Coffee. That coffee has coped with striya, it needs be not to drunk, and to rub in skin. For coffee srub coffee of rough grinding not boiled and not soluble will be ideal option. There are enough five minutes in day of massage with such house srub. Why coffee? Its main advantage is that he seldom appeals allergic reactions. Such massage due to peeling and toning of skin works. If for some reason you do not want to use such srub, it is possible to make also others, for example, with sea salt and honey though it will be not as effective as the first recipe. There are still many options, effective and amateur, but what option you would not choose, main thing in this case – desire and regularity. Also you remember that fight against striya is the long process demanding desire and time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team