How and when the breast at pregnancy changes

How and when the breast at pregnancy changes

— serious hormonal splash which affects all functions of organism. The breast reacts to similar changes one of the first as in nine months has to reconstruct rather seriously to be ready to process of feeding of the child.


  1. It should be noted that changes of mammary glands can happen in different terms and according to different schemes. However basic changes in one form or another are present at all.
  2. The breast size, for example, usually increases already on very early terms. Actually noticeable increase in breast is signal of organism that fertilization has already happened. Hormones progesterone and estrogen which begin to be produced during pregnancy in large numbers are responsible for growth of mammary glands. In nine months the breast can will increase by two-three sizes.
  3. In the first weeks of pregnancy many women are rather strongly hurt by breast. Any touches cause discomfort, skin becomes very sensitive. Similar feelings are connected with the fact that in organism the preparation for future feeding begins.
  4. If you have noticed that your nipples have got saturated dark shade, and their areola has become covered by characteristic pimples, think of purchase of the test for pregnancy as similar changes of appearance are characteristic of the first month of pregnancy.
  5. Unfortunately, in process of increase in breast, collagenic fibers of connecting fabrics can not sustain loadings and begin to be torn. It leads to the fact that the surface of breast becomes covered by dark red extensions, they turn pale after the child's birth, but seldom disappear completely.
  6. In the late stages of pregnancy the allocation of yellowish, quite dense weight which is called colostrum can begin. Usually it appears shortly before childbirth as peculiar check.
  7. To keep breast attractive and healthy, it is necessary to observe several important recommendations. First of all, it is necessary to buy the correct bra, and it is better a little. Models on wide straps and without stones are considered as the most convenient, they support breast, but at the same time do not squeeze it.
  8. It is very important to take shower every day, and not to forget also about the softened option of contrast shower. It is necessary to mass breast nonrigid bast, but not to affect the area of nipples.
  9. By the way, it is very important to strengthen in advance nipples as they can seriously suffer from the child's gums. The contrast shower and various creams will help to make your nipples less sensitive.

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