How most quicker to grow beard

How most quicker to grow beard

The small bristle decorates appearance of young men, and average length the beard gives special solidity to aged people. If you want to bring "highlight" in the shape, and vegetation on face grows slowly, try to accelerate process.

It is required to you

  • - vitamins;
  • - special shampoos;
  • - mustard powder;
  • - olive oil;
  • - burdock oil.


1. Accept vitamin supplements to food. Well calcium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium and cod-liver oil accelerates growth of hair. Choose medicines which contain high dose of these substances. The result will appear not at once, but in several weeks you will notice that the beard began to grow and look quicker healthy and brilliant.

2. Use dairy products in unlimited number. They contain a lot of calcium. Also growth of hair accelerates if daily is meat and fish. Eat rationally and correctly that the necessary quantity of microelements came to organism.

3. Use the special shampoos accelerating growth of hair for washing of beard. Vitamin supplements which make positive impact on roots and structure of bristle are their part.

4. Do mask of mustard powder. Add it to usual shampoo, carefully mix and you apply on zone of growth of hair for 20 minutes. If you have sensitive skin, you will suit mustard and oil mask. Add tablespoon of powder to 20 ml of olive oil and apply on beard.

5. Two times a week rub burdock oil in beard. It will help to accelerate growth of hair and to moisturize the skin. You hold about 40 minutes, later wash with warm water with shampoo on several times. For strengthening of effect add to oil vitamins A and E.

6. Daily comb hair within 10 minutes. If you have massager for the head, use it. Accurately mass beard several times a day. Mechanical impact on roots provokes strengthening of growth of bristle due to skin blood supply improvement.

7. Form small beard in process of growth of hair, otherwise to look it it will be untidy. If you cannot make it, address to beauty shop. The master will give the necessary form which will most favourably emphasize lines of your person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team