How quickly to grow long hair

How quickly to grow long hair

Dream to have long, magnificent hair many, but not all know how to grow them quickly. Quickly to receive long hair, it is necessary to consider set of factors, for example daily careful hair care, the correct food allowance, etc. It is possible to receive desirable result only at integrated approach to the matter.

Correctly wash hair

One of the main conditions of rapid growth of hair is their correct washing. Frequent use of too hot water can lead to their drying and withdrawal pains. Try not to take hot baths every day. Wash hair about 3 times a week, use as much as possible cool water.

If you never take cold shower, use special hat, and wash the head separately over sink under cold water.

Rare washing of the head can lead to the fact that hair will become oily. Daily you carry headdresses to prevent their strong pollution. It is necessary to do it not long, over time your hair will get used to the new mode of personal care.

Means for washing of hair

Do not use usual shampoos for washing of hair, most of them contain sulfates which wash away natural oils from hair, considerably worsening their resistance to damages. Hair conditioners contain silicone which completely covers hair, and has to be washed away afterwards by shampoo.

For washing of hair look for the shampoo consisting of natural, natural oils or train washing structure independently. There is set of ways of preparation of detergents for hair, for example, it is possible to dilute one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or baking soda in one cup of warm water.

For increase in growth rate of hair it is also possible to use argon oil.

Correctly you dry hair

It is necessary to dry hair most carefully. Use clean towel only in order that slightly to dry them, and then let's them dry independently under open air. Never comb wet hair, in such state they easily stretch and break. Try not to use special devices, for example the hair dryer for drying of hair. Under the influence of hot air the hair quickly become brittle and fragile.

Eat properly

The main component of hair is protein therefore for their rapid growth you need to consume as much as possible protein. Balance your diet so that in each your dish there was protein. Increase consumption of meat (beef, fish, pork, bird, etc.) and eggs. Eat more nuts, haricots, sheet vegetables, bean, etc. For strengthening of hair and also for their rapid growth it is necessary to eat the products containing the Omega-3, for example, avocado, nuts, linseed oil, etc. Drink as much as possible. Organism dehydration negatively affects health of hair and leads to their loss. Consume not less than 2-3 liters of water a day. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, exclude also carbonated drinks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team