How to avoid irritation when shaving zone of bikini

How to avoid irritation when shaving zone of bikini

Skin in intimate places very gentle, it is not exposed to adverse effect of the environment as it is practically always covered with linen. To avoid irritation in so delicate place, it is necessary to follow several elementary rules.


1. Always use only the new cartridge for shaving, because of stupid edge skin can inflame. It is desirable that cartridges were quality and with the moistening strips. Do not save on it, otherwise it is simple not to avoid irritation.

2. Process leather srub before each shaving. Abrasive parts will delete not only devitalized epithelium, but also bacteria which cause irritation. If not to use srub the risk of growing of hairs considerably increases.

3. Use shaving cream. Antibacterial components which help to minimize enter into structure of the majority of gels and skins or to completely reduce irritation. After drawing skin on skin wait several minutes then start removal of hairs by means of the machine.

4. After shaving wipe skin with alcohol-containing lotion or tonic, and then you apply special cream. If you do not like the cooling effect or there is strong burning, use any other antibacterial cream without menthol content.

5. Delete undesirable hairs more often, otherwise it will be more difficult to shave off them. The filaments are longer, the more time needs to be carried out by the machine, and it injures skin and leads to emergence of reddening.

6. If you shave the line of bikini regularly, then skin "will gradually get used" to it and the irritation will cease to disturb you. Therefore delete vegetation not only in summertime of year when you go to the beach, but also in the winter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team