How to be high and harmonious

How to be high and harmonious

Each woman dreams to be tall and harmonious. Some female representatives get these parameters by nature, another it is necessary long and to work hard on the figure to manage to brag of the smart forms.


  1. Do not postpone care for the figure for tomorrow. Every day the excess grams accumulate, the bearing worsens. As a result there is pot-belly and stoop, respectively instead of high and harmonious women turns out round-shouldered, with extra kilos and the underestimated self-assessment.
  2. You watch the food. It has to comprise the healthy products which are promoting maintenance of tone and also not allowing to gain excess weight. Address the nutritionist, he will prompt to you how to correct the diet which is the most suitable to you.
  3. Lead active lifestyle. You spend time in the fresh air as much as possible, have a rest with friends and enjoy life. Negative emotions and disorders can badly affect your figure. Do not practice frequent lying on sofa in free time. Though, sometimes, to lie down in hands happens to the interesting book it is useful.
  4. Play sports. Choose to yourself to liking sport, ask the trainer to pick up to you the special program which will help you to become high and harmonious for short period. Trainings have to be regular - three times a week. In addition, you can be engaged at home, using jump rope, hoop, horizontal bar.
  5. Resort to the help of special herbs, teas which promote weight loss. Only begin to take them with caution as there can be allergic reaction.
  6. Use the old tested female way if you do not have enough growth – put on high heels. With their help you instantly will become high, only do not forget to learn to go at first to them if you are not able!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team