How to be mysterious girl

How to be mysterious girl

Presently it is difficult to fugacity to force the pleasant man to detain on you look, but not to run at once further on search of new prospects and opportunities. And what attracts men? Of course, riddles.

It is required to you

  • Books, ethnic jewelry, clothes of violet color, hair stylist, Mona Lisa's smile.


  1. Let's begin with internal contents as it is most longer necessary to work on it. Mysterious girl - this is the girl smart and well-read. In different years the mysterious and distinguished persons read different books. The main thing that books were pleasant to you, strings of your soul touched and gave food for mind.
  2. Let's forget model hairstyles with bang which can be met on every second pretty head. The mysterious girl has interesting hairstyle. It can be romantically tightened up curls and direct bang, or cunning put morning mess. The main thing - that the hairstyle emphasized your image and created to you good mood.
  3. Clothes and accessories. Pay attention to violet color - at people it is associated with secret and magicians from cartoons. But do not go too far, violet color seldom meets in the nature, and the surplus violet in clothes will strange look. Also walk on the little shops trading in jewelry in ethnic style and pick up to yourself couple of knickknacks. Of course, mysterious.
  4. Smile eyes, smile lips, and let your mysterious smile clings the hurrying passersby.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team