How to be prepared for sunbed

How to be prepared for sunbed

Visit of sunbed – the pleasant procedure after which skin quickly becomes covered by uniform suntan. But to achieve desirable result, it is necessary in sunbed correctly to be prepared for campaign.

It is required to you

  • - srub, peeling, brush for body or rigid bast;
  • - carrot juice;
  • - kerchief or hat;
  • - cream for suntan in sunbed;
  • - lip balm;
  • - stikin;
  • - points for sunbed.


  1. Read summaries to all medicines which you accept. Perhaps, some of them raise skin photosensitization, i.e. enhance sensitivity of skin to ultraviolet rays. In this case consult with the doctor concerning visit of sunbed.
  2. On the eve of the procedure remove from face skin and body the died-off parts of epidermis by means of srub, peeling, brush or rigid bast. You should not be engaged in it in day of visit of sunbed since in this case the danger of receiving burn increases.
  3. In 2 hours prior to sunbed take bath or shower to wash away all cosmetics, lotions, creams, deodorants, toilet water from skin. It will allow suntan to lay down exactly.
  4. For half an hour before visit of sunbed you can drink glass of carrot juice. It will strengthen production of melanin – the pigment giving to skin suntan shade.
  5. In sunbed just before the procedure take off from yourself all jewelry. Brilliant surfaces will reflect ultra-violet light, and suntan will lay down spots.
  6. Collect hair and put on kerchief or hat the head. It will allow to protect hair from siccation and burning out.
  7. Be smeared with special cream for suntan in sunbed. If you use cream with bronzator, then be ready that it can soil light clothes which you will put on then. Besides, in places of friction of skin clothes light spots and strips can appear. If you have sensitive skin, then be careful with use of creams with tingl-effect since their action is based on irritation of receptors of skin and strengthening of blood circulation in such a way.
  8. Protect skin of lips balm or hygienic lipstick. Paste on stikina breast. Smear large birthmarks with thick layer of cream or stick with small round stickers which are usually provided together with stikin.
  9. Protect eyes special glasses and safely hold up the body under sunbed beams.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team