How to get rid of warts

How to get rid of warts

The medicine contains about 50 various types of warts. Some of them are quite harmless, but is also such which are capable to breed very quickly. The virus at the same time extends by contact method. Anyway, it is not necessary to wait for aggravation of situation, it is necessary to remove as soon as possible wart, having used achievements of medicine or the checked national methods.


  1. Burning out by the laser is the most widespread medical way of removal of warts. It is also possible to apply procedures of cauterization by acid, removals by high-frequency current, burning out by liquid nitrogen and excisions under local anesthesia. After these procedures on skin there is no hem left, spread of virus on healthy sites of skin is prevented.
  2. Despite advantages of medical ways of removal of warts, various national methods continue to be popular. Rub garlic segment and mix with acetic essence. Add a little flour and knead dough. Apply small flat cake to wart, paste from above plaster and bandage. In 2-3 days, after removal of bandage, warts will fall off by itself. Sometimes the procedure should be repeated several times. The sores which have remained on the place of warts need to be processed the healing ointments.
  3. Apply the bandage processed by green liquid soap to wart. It will be softened, and you will be able easily to remove it. Mix garlic with lard and put to wart, closing bandage until it falls off. Instead of garlic and fat it is possible to use the crude bulb wetted in vinegar within 2 hours. Try to rub wart with juice of mountain ash or acid apples. It has to turn black and fall off in 10 days. Infusion of wormwood promotes weakening of root of wart and its easy removal.
  4. If you drip one drop of vinegar on wart, it will descend for several days. The sore can also be greased with juice from stalks or flowers of calendula, dandelion and euphorbia, fresh onions silt aspen juice. The most ancient way removal of wart – to put to it mix from salt and juice of horse-radish. Bandage it is possible to put also kneaded fresh leaves of dogrose or iris. Try to make ointment from butter and root of dandelion in proportions 4:1, or chalk and hempseed oil ointment in proportion 1:4. Process wart several times a day.

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