Why say that male friendship is stronger, than women's

Why say that male friendship is stronger, than women's

Friendship is the concept which does not have restriction on age and a floor. But a large number of people, having heard about two loyal friends, steadily imagine only men.

Men's mutual assistance at the head of a corner

It is considered that the man by the nature - the command player. He will always lend the strong shoulder to the companion, will advocate the interests of the group, will be able to refuse personal preferences for the sake of general welfare.

Sometimes in the list of what the man should sacrifice for the sake of the timely help to the friend who about it asks, the interests of family, children, parents get.

Such solidarity, unconditional support of each other becomes the unspoken rule, beginning with a school bench and joint children's entertainments, and only becomes stronger over the years. The joint leisure most often consisting of fishing, hunting, a campaign on soccer or a good old feast, only strengthen spirit of unity.

Where it is about community of interests, devotion and honesty, there is no place to rivalry and envy. To betray the friend often means to lose face, to leave a rank of the real man who always fulfills the undertaken obligations. Besides, in manifestation of the emotions of the man are quite reserved. Their credos are a short talk about a problem, and the fastest disposal of it.

Readiness to help and come to the rescue at any time in their system of values – a priority.

The female emotionality disturbs constancy

Ladies, unlike men, are guided in life not by reason, but feelings. They are ready to share the personal revelations exciting imagination with girlfriends and to spend in conversations over a cup of tea time lot. The emotionality and sensitivity, of course, not defect, but excessive garrulity, impulsiveness and groundlessness of adoption of some important decisions can become the reason of loss of spiritual proximity between two women. Quite often leads to the same consequences also change of vital circumstances of one of girlfriends. The woman who managed to find the beloved, engaged in arrangement of the family center or decided to get and bring up the child sharply changes the line of the behavior. She separates from the former friendship, often directing all efforts and time to house efforts or indulging men's desires. Of course, from any rule there are exceptions. Women can be faithful and devoted companions, and men only mercenary timeservers or banal drinking companions. But another is more important. To have the person, the friendly relations with whom passed a set of tests and did not lose the fortress and inviolability – here the true wealth which does not have the price.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team