How to begin to watch itself

How to begin to watch itself

will power to the woman is sometimes as important as to the intelligence agent. It helps to facilitate life, to achieve success in some complex business, to ego-trip. Even in such business as observance of diet. You already how many times promised yourself that since Monday you begin to take care of the own life. But your rush usually lasts for several days. That, the will power can be trained, to enhance character to watch itself and to lose weight.


  1. To watch itself and to lose weight, get support of relatives and friends. You have no forces to remove mayonnaise, butter, piece of cake from the fridge and to begin to use only fresh fruit and vegetables. Then among the family (children, parents, the husband) look for those who will support you with your decision. You will feel more resolutely and stronger if there is for you reliable back.
  2. To find forces to lose weight the strong-willed girlfriend can help. Its character, penetrative force, energy will be transferred to you, and you will be able to feel more surely. Even if all its councils and methods, then your character will not approach she to you will ground. In this case also virtual friendship – support of adherents at numerous forums of the Internet can help.
  3. Receive the recommendations of the psychologist. He will be able to teach to fight for himself and to watch himself. The will power actually is self-sufficiency therefore you need to work over increase in self-assessment. And it is easier to do it by means of the psychologist. Having learned to state situations, to pronounce problems, you will be stronger in the decisions. Persuade yourself to become more resolute, stronger and more persistent in achievement of the goal.
  4. Set the purpose and from the chosen way do not turn. You have to remember that the main motive in weight loss not necessarily can be global. At present it has to be relevant. For example, you have bought fashionable trousers, but is one size less. And now you should lose weight urgently by several kilogram, otherwise the model will get out of fashion. It is simpler to accept such decision since the purpose is clear and simple.
  5. Carry out conceived, despite everything. You go astray quite often because you attach great value to the fact that others will speak or think. Do not remember them for the time being, ignoring any way their opinion. Here you will see - through some time the people around will get used to your new gastronomic addictions and will adequately accept you in the new, changed image.
  6. Surely praise yourself for the fact that have found forces to watch itself. If you refused cakes and rolls and were limited to vegetable salads – consider yourself the big fine fellow. And surely to yourself you go on about it. All of you have made correctly and praise yourself for it in superlative degree. The words of encouragement will be able to return confidence and will stimulate strong-willed rushes. Therefore you do not stint compliments for yourself.
  7. Prepare arguments in advance if someone has to be told no. Even it is difficult to resolute women to refuse to someone therefore in good time think up cause of failure. It has to be extremely diplomatic and weighty.
  8. Try to show obstinacy, of course, reasonably. Otherwise you can spoil the image and to become intolerable. But it is necessary to insist on the periodically. Let know that if you have conceived something, then you will make as have solved.
  9. Make detailed plan of actions as you will watch yourself. It has to be very detailed for half a year or more and adhere to it strictly.
  10. Do not do anything for the company; do not cave in under whims and desires of others; do not sacrifice everything for the sake of the man; be able to recognize the mistakes; do not make the imposed promises; overcome all burdens of life; do not buy unnecessary things only because it is fashionable; object the boss if his critic it is unfair. All this small knowledge will also give you forces to begin to watch themselves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team