How to choose hygienic lipstick

How to choose hygienic lipstick

lipstick — necessary conditioning agent behind gentle skin of lips which is intended not only for women, but also for men and children. Wax and also number of auxiliary components is part of any similar means, including also vitamins which nourish and soften skin.


  1. The lipstick choice first of all depends on your individual requirements. For example, if skin of lips is inclined to inflammations and reddenings, then hygienic lipstick has to contain vitamins C and B12 and also jojoba oil as supportive application. If you wish to uvlazhit at the same time skin and to smooth small wrinkles, then pick up the lipstick containing vitamin E. To keep skin from influence of frost and wind, choose means with calendula or camomile.
  2. Pay attention to composition of your hygienic lipstick. For example, the means chosen by you should not contain silicone oil as it covers skin with uniform impenetrable layer, interfering with absorption of vitamins and nutrients. It is undesirable as well the content of salicylic acid as it strongly dries gentle skin of lips.
  3. In hot season it is better to choose hygienic lipstick with function of protection against ultraviolet rays. Remember that various gloss only attracts sunshine therefore surely you apply on lips at first hygienic lipstick and only then gloss.
  4. In autumn months it is desirable to use lipstick which main function is food and moistening of lips. Skin has to get ready for winter and to constant wind.
  5. As for the winter period of year, use of fat and saturated hygienic lipstick is appropriate here. It is desirable that the means chosen by you contained oils, for example, avocado oils, shi and also lanolin or Retinolum are natural. Remember that "winter" hygienic lipstick has to have property of protection against ultraviolet as snow almost completely "gleams" sunshine. Surely use lipstick and during winter holidays.
  6. In the spring you will have absolutely other problems — avitaminosis affects also skin of lips therefore they become covered by cracks without any visible reasons. For this reason it is worth choosing the vitaminized means. Your hygienic lipstick has to contain vitamins C, E, A and also sea-buckthorn oil, extract of calendula or camomile.

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