How to choose means for strengthening of hair

How to choose means for strengthening of hair

To strengthen hair, to give them healthy brilliant look, it is not obligatory to visit expensive salons and to buy up the most expensive cosmetics for hair. The great view of hair can be supported by the most usual means in house conditions. For this purpose there is a lot of opportunities, each woman can choose that to her to liking.

Oils for strengthening of hair

One of the easiest and effective ways of strengthening of hair is application of vegetable oils. Long since beauties used this method, choosing essential oils of those plants which were characteristic of their area. In the modern world there is opportunity to use nature gifts from any corner of the planet. You should not miss chance to try various oils. Besides, the modern manufacturing techniques allow to do them by the lungs which are not causing feeling of weight and the increased fat content. Besides, there are such oils which after application do not need to be washed away.

Masks for strengthening of hair

Masks also well help to return to your hair force. They can be got already ready in shop, and it is possible to make independently of natural products. For example, with very useful elements for appearance of hair eggs are rich. They promote not only to strengthening, but activate growth of hair, prevent appearance of dandruff. And, the yolk, and for dry – protein is suitable for oily hair more. Also well various structures with addition of fresh vegetables and fruit affect hair of mask with addition of honey, aloe juice.

Vitamins for strengthening of hair

Hair are indicator of the state of health. Improper feeding, stresses, bad metabolism, violation of work of any bodies immediately is reflected in state and appearance of hair. They become dim, fragile, lose the volume and gloss, begin to drop out. At the first symptoms of avitaminosis of hair begin to accept vitamin complexes. Such complexes have to contain the vitamin E feeding and strengthening hair and vitamin A which participates in forming of each hair. Calcium, iron and silicon give hair the vital strength and fortress; sulfur, magnesium and phosphorus give gloss; and zinc, iodine and selenium protect hair from negative impact of the environment and prevent emergence of gray hair.

Folk remedies for strengthening of hair

There are many ways which with pleasure still our great-grandmothers used. Their efficiency has helped them to live up to now. Modern women with pleasure use broths and infusions for rinsing of hair. Juice from fresh herbs and vegetables which rub in head skin is very good. The most widespread herbs useful to health of hair, the nettle, burdock, St. John's wort, aloe, oak bark, coltsfoot and others long since are considered.

Henna for strengthening of hair

One more widespread means for strengthening of hair is henna and basma. They strengthen and feed hair, prevent hair loss, help with fight against dandruff. Besides, these means paint hair without harm for their health.

Shampoo for strengthening of hair

There is no such woman who would not use shampoo. But often do not attach to the choice of detergent for hair due significance. Actually shampoo is capable to solve many problems with hair, it is necessary to choose it only correctly. First, shampoo has to be suitable for your type of hair; secondly, it has to be made of natural components. It is ideal if it is prepared by cold extraction.

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