How to choose the professional hair dryer

How to choose the professional hair dryer

The faultless hairstyle makes girls attractive and self-assured. Not all are able to afford to use services of the hair stylist daily. It is possible to style hair in house conditions by means of the professional hair dryer which has set of functions. It is necessary to approach the choice of this irreplaceable assistant very responsibly.


  1. The main criterion for selection of the professional hair dryer - resistance to frequent use. Its service life directly depends on the motor of product which power fluctuates from 1500 to 2500 W. The high quality of the motor predetermines durability of the hair dryer and its reliability therefore preference should be given to products of well-known companies. Also very important criterion of reliability is the system of thermoprotection. It automatically switches off the hair dryer if it in the course of use strongly heats up.
  2. The high-quality professional hair dryer has to have several temperature and high-speed conditions. The more such switches, the more freedom remains to the owner of the hair dryer for execution of the imaginations.
  3. When choosing the professional hair dryer for hair it is necessary to consider availability of function of supply of cold air which is used for hair dressing. By means of combination of supply of hot and cold air it is possible to give to hair the necessary form and permanent fixing laying.
  4. Pay attention to availability of function of ionization of air flow. It is created to counteract negative impact on hair of positive ions. The directed stream of negative ions neutralizes them that reduces static electricity. Inclusion of this function of ionization not only will facilitate hair dressing, but also will add to hair beautiful gloss due to smoothing of scales.
  5. Surely pay attention to the noise made by the hair dryer, quantity of nozzles, to material of which the body is manufactured (it is desirable that it was strong plastic) and also on to cord length (it has to be not less than 3 meters).
  6. Before acquisition surely pick up the hair dryer and take it. Try to lift, make other manipulations, reveal its pluses and minuses.

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