How to choose way of epilation

How to choose way of epilation

The epilation is removal of undesirable vegetation from any parts of the body. Now it is possible to choose any of the offered methods: photo, laser or electroepilation. They will help to get rid forever of undesirable vegetation on body.


1. Choose photoepilation if you have dark hair, and you are going to get rid of them forever. The procedure is carried out by means of the light guide on which flashes of the filtered light move. In follicles light will be transformed to heat. Hair bulbs collapse. The impulse of the given energy is selected individually taking into account type of skin of the specific patient. The procedure for removal of hair practically does not cause side effects, but its shortcoming is that it is possible to depilate only dark. For obtaining final result it is necessary to use photoepilation several times. To get rid from the first of undesirable hair forever it will not turn out.

2. Use laser epilation. This method approaches at any hair color. The impulse of laser radiation is generated in hair follicles, bulbs collapse. Selectively influencing undesirable vegetation, the laser beam does not destroy epidermis. It guarantees perfect painlessness and lack of side effects. It is possible to depilate in the field of bikini, in axillary hollows, face by means of the laser. As well as photoepilation laser removal of hair needs to be carried out several times. Only this way it is possible to achieve total disappearance of undesirable vegetation.

3. If to you it is necessary to remove urgently for one procedure forever all undesirable vegetation, choose electroepilation. This procedure is carried out by means of the directed stream of electric energy. The electroepilation for once allows to destroy zone of growth of hair of any color. Its application is allowed at any type of skin. The electronic epilator gives electric current, on the end of the device the impulse with the smallest spark which directionally influences the lower part of hair follicle is formed. It is possible to apply elekroepilyation on any part of body. You can depilate hands, legs, in the field of bikini, axillary hollows, the person, mammary glands.

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