How to clarify face hair

How to clarify face hair

If vegetation on face decorates men, then for women face hair is the real punishment of which not always it turns out to get rid easily. Among set of more or less available ways there are removals of hair in the person, the most available and simple is clarification of hair. After the procedure of clarification hairs on face will not be visible and if to repeat the procedure regularly, they can forever become thinner and disappear.


1. You will need structure for decolorizations hair – as such structure take 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Moisten cotton tampon in peroxide and within five minutes wipe with it face hair.

2. Use this method with care if you have very sensitive skin. Moisten hair in hydrogen peroxide every day that the procedure has conceived effect.

3. Juice of fresh lemon possesses also clarifying action. Squeeze out juice of lemon, moisten in it cotton tampon and as well as in the above-stated method, wipe those areas of face skin which need to be saved from hair.

4. Mix the solution of peroxide of hydrogen and shaving cream softening hair. Place mask from cream with peroxide on the necessary areas of the person for 20 minutes then carefully wash. Grease face with protective cream. Repeat the procedure of times in two-three days, and in week of hairs on face it will not be visible.

5. One more method of clarification of hair is solution from one tablet of the hydroperit reduced to powder and several drops of liquid ammonia and also several drops of peroxide of hydrogen. Mix mix and apply on undesirable hairs on face. Take mask of 10 minutes, then wash away and grease face with cream. Such structure can be put on face not more often than once a week.

6. Add half of teaspoon of vaseline to lanolin teaspoon, mix 30% of solution of peroxide of hydrogen with 4 drops, and add 2 drops of liquid ammonia, and then mix and add half of teaspoon of shampoo. Apply the turned-out mix with Q-tip on hairs on face. After drying wash away ointment and grease face with protective cream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team