Advantages of the easy relations

Advantages of the easy relations

It is possible to call the easy relations a new modern form of intersexual communications. At this escape from responsibility is, certainly, and minuses, but nevertheless the people who consciously made a choice for such love see in them many pluses.

Not complication. You nothing each other have to therefore it is simple to stop these relations. But, strangely enough, easy novels quite often are quite long.

Lack of time frames. It is possible to be sure of the easy relations that in few months nobody will begin to stick to you with a question of a marriage or a marriage. Any plans for the future. In such relations everything takes its course.

It is not necessary to prove anything. The question of how strongly you love the half, will not arise. And, therefore, there will be no need to daily prove the love. Dependence exception. In the easy relations nobody is obliged to anybody by anything. The woman can quietly go to a hen party, and the man to drink with friends of beer. Any quarrels and showdowns. Everyone lives life also in the pleasure. Lack of household problems and claims. No questions concerning not washed dishes or the untidy room arise as in it and ease consists in the relations. Your love will never be ruined by "domestic squabbles". Permanent partner. Even if you love a variety, you see, in constancy too there is the charm. Besides the sexual moment, it is good when there is the one who will keep the company for a visit of cinema or on a concert. New feelings. The easy relations do not assume fidelity, so, you can quite create the novel on the party, heating by that the dying-away feelings in couple. Besides your partner will not make a row to jealousy if he suddenly sees you on the street in the company of the representative of an opposite sex. Free marriage. Gradually easy relations can develop into free marriage which will continue the put trend, having legalized it. A certain communication of two supporters for whom feelings as comfortable coexistence when it is possible to have sex with anyone are not so important will turn out, and to love – one person.

The easy relations will suit those who are not ready to the serious long novels developing into marriage and to the birth of kids. The same who just tries to remove thus the moment when the stamp in the passport imprisons him need to remember that the legal marriage does not grant the right of complete control over the personality. Always the right to freedom has to be had, and it is possible only at full mutual understanding and support of the partner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team