How to decorate nails

How to decorate nails

Well-groomed nails – the business card of the woman respecting herself and caring for the appearance. Nails can be or increased, but always – with faultless manicure and design. Neyl-art, design of nails – concepts synonyms. It is possible just to make manicure and to cover nails with monophonic varnish, and it is possible to turn their real art masterpiece. How? We will also talk about it.


1. Ways to decorate the nails – set. Nevertheless, everything them can be united in several groups. The first group: art painting nogteytekhnologiya of art painting on nails is very simple: apply drops of varnish of contrast color on the nail covered with fresh varnish and make out them in the drawing by means of needles, brushes, special thinnest brushes and sticks. To art painting it is possible also carry the French manicure and registration of nail color varnish by means of cliches.

2. The second group: the flat design with use of various elementovploskiya design of nails provides use of various spangles, stickers, special powders, pieces of feathers, lace, foil. The main difference of this type of design of nails is that over nail and no elements of decor support its limits.

3. The third group: volume designeto – not the most practical type of design. It it is good only to any occasion. The volume neyl-art assumes use of color acrylic powders, gels by means of which the image vyleplivatsya on nail. All elements at this type of nail design convex, three-dimensional. Conditionally it is possible to refer registration of nails to this group of technologies of neyl-art rhinestones.

4. The fourth group: the aquarian designdanny type of design is carried out only on artificial nails. Technology is as follows: the composition which then becomes covered with the modeling transparent material is applied on nail. After final processing the decor of nail appears kind of under layer of smooth glass.

5. The fifth group: the pirsingd, nails can be punctured. As a rule, the small earring is located on nail of ring finger or little finger – where its availability does not prevent work in any way.

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