How to do fashionable hair on hair of average length? Many options from professionals

How to do fashionable hair on hair of average length? Many options from professionals

The fashionable hairstyle is the real ornament. Hair of average length allow to create a lot of the most various hairstyles for all occasions. Each girl can turn usual day into holiday, for this purpose it is enough know some methods and cunnings.

The daily problem of many women and girls, owners of hair of average length is selection of hairstyle. They want to make it beautiful and to spend at the same time time minimum. There are several fashionable hairstyles which can be done every day. So, for example, there are several variations on the subject Horse Tail. The habitual tail can be turned into beautiful hairstyle, having added highlight which can become unusual hairpin or twisted braid. It is also possible to play with tail height, receiving thereby visually different hairstyles.

The usual tail can change if around it the braid twists. In front it is possible to let hair down and to twist slightly, thereby having created feeling of ease.

How many time has passed, braids remain fashionable trend in beauty industry. Set of hairstyles are anyway connected with them. In creation of new image the stylists aim to use weaving to the maximum as braids or their elements in hairstyle create original, stylish and fashionable subject, playing with which, even in house conditions it is possible to maintain beauty and to be irresistible. If you gather for party, it is enough to decorate the image with hairstyle the French falls. Openwork braids only at first sight seem difficult for weaving, and it is only analog of the ordinary spit. If to be trained a little, then you will be able to do plaits of this sort literally in several minutes. To do hair the French falls, you at first need to separate one small lock at temple, further from it to begin to spin the French braid, directing it not down, as usual, and across. Around ear cross among themselves right and spin average, then take lock from above and miss it between braid links. It will serve as falls wave in hairstyle. Thus it is necessary to continue to spin on all circle of the head, having finished only at other temple. That the French braid looked more volume and openwork, during weaving try to extend slightly links in the parties. When the braid is finished, put on thin, elastic elastic band its end and record invisible hairpin. That it was not visible, it is possible to hide the end under the last going-down lock. For fixing of hairstyle use hairspray. The hairstyle mix is also popular among owners of hair of average length. It combines plaits and braids at once, looks very difficult therefore many refuse hairstyle of the similar plan. And in vain, actually it is carried out literally in several minutes. For creation of hairstyle mix is required to you: - invisible hairpins and small thin scrunchies; - hairbrush with small and frequent cloves; - spray for hair; - hairspray. At first it is necessary to divide hair across into two equal parts. Weave hard cone out of the lower part of hair, record the end elastic band. Divide upper part of hair into hair parting sideways, then separate 4 more unequal parts: two side and two big (upper and lower). Sprinkle big lower lock spray for radical volume, and upper comb hairbrush and lay back. Make plaits of side locks and, having reached the middle of the head, connect them in one big plait, having taken at the same time the combed part of hair. Further it is necessary to wrap plait around cone and to fix by invisible hairpins.

As fixing of hairstyle it is optional to use varnish, it can be also the modeling means.

Hairstyles on the basis of naughty curls will be appropriate at the correct giving not only at party or reception, but also during the business conversation. Creation of curls will not take away from you a lot of time, it is necessary not to forget that the turned-out result needs to be fixed varnish to enjoy it long time only. Fashionable curls in this season can be received without effort and in house conditions, availability of the following objects for this purpose will be required: - hair curlers of large or average diameters, depending on desirable volume; - hot nippers; - hair dryer; - brush brushing; - hair mousse; - hairspray. Time which will be required to be spent for receiving curls varies of 20 minutes till several o'clock. Everything depends on method which has been chosen initially. For example, hold time of wave on hair curlers makes of 2-3 o'clock, it is better to begin since evening and to remove only them in the morning, and hot nippers it is possible to receive ideal romantic curls already in a few minutes. Nippers have two main functions – wave, hair straightening. They allow to make not less beautiful waves which will create fashionable hairstyle and will refresh image. For a start hair should be washed shampoo, to dry up them by means of the hair dryer and round brush. Having receded 5 centimeters from roots, apply mousse on hair. Further it is necessary to divide hair into several parts and to twist everyone. The main secret – the more will be separate locks, the hairstyle will look more elegantly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team