How to open a coco in two minutes

How to open a coco in two minutes

The coco possesses very firm shell on which it is possible indefinitely and to bang numbness of hands the hammer, and the result won't be. Actually it is very simple to split and shell a coco, and this process doesn't demand use of physical force.

How to choose a coco? Choosing a coco, pay attention to a shell: it shouldn't be too dark color, rather light brown, on a shell there shouldn't be dents, cracks, mold traces. Special attention at the same time should be paid to "eyes". Bring a fruit to an ear and slightly stir up. If you don't hear splash of the liquid which is in a shell, leave this coco on the shelf as pulp , most likely, will be too rigid, dry and not tasty. 

How to store a coco? In the whole look it is possible to store a coco in the fridge about 2 weeks. Longer you shouldn't hold as it is unknown, what is the time the fruit carried out in warehouses and on the shelf of shop before it got to your fridge. Total period of storage of a coco in a ripeness level, habitual for us, makes from 3 to 4 weeks. 

How it is correct to split a cocoBefore opening a fruit shell, take the small hammer and tap not really strongly a coco from all directions. Now take a knife and its sharp tip try to make an opening in one of coconut "eyes". It doesn't demand any efforts because one of three "eyes" is covered with a soft film. Now turn a fruit and merge liquid in a cup or a bowl.

Mentally divide a coco into three equal parts, take a big knife and its back party slightly tap on that from the imagined lines which separates the one third part of a fruit from "eyes". Tap on all circle and once again if it is required. Hit sharply, though not really hard. The shell cracked.

Now separate a shell from pulp. Thanks to a preliminary prostukivaniye of a fruit a hammer to make it very simply, the shell itself separates from pulp, for this purpose you almost don't need to make efforts. 

Now it is possible to cut pulp of a coco or to grate. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team