How to do hair cook

How to do hair cook

The retrofashion has returned on the heads of young men and girls the cook glorified by incomparable Elvis Presley. The hairstyle in style of rockabilly will decorate image not only for fancy-dress party, but also for business day or festive evening. Especially as it is not difficult to make it in house conditions at all.

It is required to you

  • - mousse or wax for hair dressing;
  • - hairspray;
  • - hairbrush with frequent teeth;
  • - wide round hairbrush;
  • - hair dryer.


  1. Slightly dry the washed-up hair towel. Separate locks it is necessary forehead of which the cook will be made, having twisted them flagellum and having pinned up hairpin. Dry up the hair which have remained free by means of the hair dryer and round brush, raising them at roots. If you want to give to hair additional volume, use special mousse.
  2. After that start modeling of the cook. Release the fixed front locks and divide them into two parts. Comb part of hair which is closer to nape and, having raised, fix by hairpins. For durability of hairstyle record varnish. Extend the lock which has remained free at the forehead by means of round brush and the hair dryer so that hair became ideally equal. At the basis it can be combed slightly for additional volume. Reject lock with some negligence back, fix as much as possible imperceptibly.
  3. For evening image leave the others hair down let. The tips which are curled slightly by means of the iron or the curling iron will do hair accurater and bright. If you want to carry the cook in the afternoon, going to work, to occupations or to informal action, it is possible to collect the remained hair in horse tail, having not too hardly fixed it by elastic band.
  4. With short hair it is simpler and simpler: dry up them by means of the hair dryer and round brush, combing from nape to forehead. Then it is necessary to lock forehead raise, having slightly combed, and take away back, without destroying the created volume. If length of hair allows, fix tips of front locks by invisible beings. Plentifully sprinkle hair varnish at distance not less than 30 centimeters, otherwise they will stick together. Such option of hairstyle will suit both to the young man, and the girl.
  5. One more option of the cook is kind of bunch. Raise all hair, without dividing them into hair parting, and twist in one big plait on the top. Lay the turned-out bunch towards forehead, sprain the ends of hair and fix them by invisible beings. Extend front part of hair over forehead and lay negligent wave.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team