How to do masks of therapeutic mud

How to do masks of therapeutic mud

Therapeutic mud was not casually used throughout the millennia. Experts call it "cosmetics of the 21st century". The unique composition of therapeutic mud deeply purifies skin, improves capillary blood circulation. As a result skin is smoothed, its elasticity and elasticity is restored, aging slows down and its natural beauty is restored.

It is required to you

  • - therapeutic mud;
  • - water;
  • - calendula broth.


1. Usually therapeutic mud has pastelike consistence that considerably simplifies imposing of masks and other local appliques. Overlaying of mask does not demand the special equipment and preparation. It is easy and pleasant process. You feel effect at once after the first procedure.

2. To restore elasticity and elasticity of skin of any type previously warm up therapeutic mud up to the temperature of 37 - 38 wasps and apply it thin layer to the cleaned face skin and necks. Leave mask on face no more, than for 15–20 min.

3. Then carefully wash away the dried-up structure water. Be not frightened if skin a little turns pink. It is its normal reaction to blood circulation activization. Then impose nutritious cream.

4. You carry out such procedures every other day. Each subsequent mask will enhance effect of previous. At regular application through 10–14 procedures you will be pleasantly surprised with condition of your skin.

5. If you have dry skin, then put mask with layer, no more than 2 mm, avoid eye area. Do not allow full drying of structure, periodically moisten it with water. It is possible to cover the person with film. It is better to wash away mask in this case broth from calendula. Then let's skin breathe 20-25 min., and only then apply nutritious cream.

6. At oily skin the mask is put for 40-45 min. with layer, no more than 2 mm. You watch that dirt has not got on area of eyes. Wash away mask clear water and at once apply nutritious cream. Carry out 10-12 such procedures with frequency no more than 2-3 times a week.

7. Masks from therapeutic mud help to restore activity of sebaceous glands of head skin at seborrhea and to strengthen hair, especially at their strengthened loss. Apply the warmed-up therapeutic mud to head skin between roots of hair, cover with film. You hold mask about an hour. Then wash away it warm water.

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