How to do wet hair

How to do wet hair

The effect of wet hair is especially popular in the flying. It can be made both on short, and on long hair, and partially wet hairstyle will suit almost each person. If you were invited to party, and you are very limited in time, make with own hands wet hairstyle.

It is required to you

  • The hair dryer with nozzle diffuser, gel or hair mousse, teksturayzer


  1. Apply gel or hair mousse on moist hair. Separate lock, crumple it and twist in hands. Record lump the diffuser. Dry hair.
  2. To gain stylish shape, allocate separate locks with teksturayzer or gel, and your hairstyle will correspond to current fashion trends. Very beautifully curly hair with wet effect look. It is necessary to remember that completely wetted hair remained in the past. Today hairstyles with partially wet head of hear are fashionable.
  3. If your hair direct and short use means more feasibly. For this purpose take hair gel, but you look do not go too far, otherwise gain effect of dirty hair. If you have creative hairstyle, recover it by means of wet means: tousle the top, make glossy bang, smooth nape.
  4. Very young young ladies with long hair will suit laying of malvin. Pick up hair at forehead zone, fix by elastic band and apply on them spray for glossy gloss.
  5. If you the business woman also prefer smooth laying, apply gel of easy fixing on root zone. So you will put into place disobedient locks and at the same time will create effect of shine of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team