How to do wrappings by therapeutic mud

How to do wrappings by therapeutic mud

Mud wrappings are applied as a part of complex therapy to treatment of some diseases of nervous system, metabolic disorders, diseases of joints and bones. It is possible to do wrappings with therapeutic mud in house conditions.


1. Pick up the necessary structure. Silt mud contains many mineral salts, is formed at the bottom of reservoirs, has the expressed bactericidal characteristics and is used for treatment of gynecologic diseases, diseases of respiratory organs, in the cosmetic purposes. Peat or marsh dirt is used for treatment of abscesses, skin diseases, rheumatism, etc. Sapropel or dirt from fresh reservoirs affects the nervous terminations, removes inflammations, etc. Gaining ready structures, surely read information on packing and compare indications with the requirements.

2. Prepare dirt – influence will be more softly and more intensively if previously to warm up structure approximately to 40 degrees of C. It is possible to heat dirt, using the microwave oven, the double boiler or having just lowered package of dirt in pan with hot water.

3. Prepare surface – spread warm blanket on bed, from above cover it with oilcloth, then thin sheet. Apply layer of therapeutic mud in that place where that part of body which needs processing will be located on sheet.

4. Purify skin – make easy peeling or process soft srub the parts of the body prepared for wrapping. Point of clarification – in opening of time, removal of scales of skin, increase in effectiveness of the procedure.

5. Make mud wrapping. You lay down on the prepared sheet, from above cover body with dirt, then take cover sheet, oilcloth and blanket. The layer of dirt has to be not too thick, there is enough thickness in 4-6 mm.

6. Regulate influence duration depending on disease type: for treatment of joints dirt it is necessary to hold not less than half an hour, and for therapy of internals of rather 15-20-minute influence.

7. Wash away therapeutic mud warm water, wipe skin and lie down a little. If you used mud wrapping for disposal of cellulitis or softening and skin nourishment of body, then after removal of dirt it is necessary to apply nutritious cream.

8. Complete course of mud wrappings up to the end – only then you will be able to see and estimate effectiveness of the procedure. The standard course consists of 10 or 12 procedures with breaks in 2-3 days.

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