How to draw on nails the handle

How to draw on nails the handle

It is already difficult to surprise someone with drawings on nails as the technician of drawing exists great variety. If you want to become the owner of unusual and original manicure, then all in your hands. By means of usual gel pen you can make the enchanting drawing which only you will have and at anybody more.

It is required to you

  • Nail varnish, gel pen, varnish fixer


1. Make up nails color varnish. It is important that varnish lay evenly. Previously remove cuticle that your nails looked well-groomed. Carefully dry up varnish. It is necessary in order that the core of the handle has not scratched the surface of varnish.

2. Over the dried varnish begin to put the drawing by means of gel pen. The drawing can be any. Here everything depends only on your imagination and ability to draw. Colors it is the best of all to select contrast. If nails dark, then color of the handle has to be light and vice versa. It is much simpler to put with the handle the drawing, than you are convinced by special varnishes for drawing on nails of it.

3. After the drawing is ready, record the received result. You can make it by means of varnish fixer. Over the drawing apply fixer. It will allow you to keep the manicure as long as possible. Drawing on nails by means of the handle does not take away too much time and too does not demand special skills.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team