How to get rid of dry callosity on finger

How to get rid of dry callosity on finger

Dry callosities often appear on fingers of hands from the inside after any physical actions (cleaning of vegetables, digging of the earth, etc.). But also they can arise and standing when wearing the wrong or too close footwear. Anyway it is possible to cure such callosity by means of folk remedies.

It is required to you

  • - Vegetable oil;
  • - propolis;
  • - animal fat;
  • - onions peel;
  • - lemon crust;
  • - aloe;
  • - prunes;
  • - milk.


1. Before going to bed, oil affected area of skin vegetable. At the same time as it is possible knead more carefully and mass dry callosity. If you make such procedure day by day, then already literally on 3-4 put callosity it will begin to be softened and to disappear gradually.

2. Impose the "flat cake" made from propolis and fat on dry callosity.

3. Put onions peel in small can and fill in it with vinegar. Close neck at banks compressor paper and well fix that there did not pass air. In such state infuse solution at the room temperature for two weeks.

4. Then at once you can use onions peel: put it on affected area, at the same time grease skin around callosity with vaseline or fat that not to damage it. Leave such compress for the night, and having woken up in the morning and previously having steamed out callosity, scratch out it.

5. The most widespread recipe – use of lemon crust. For this purpose, having steamed out callosity, for the night to the place of callosity bind lemon crust together with pulp. Make these actions within 2-3 days, after that it is possible to remove callosity accurately.

6. Use leaf scarlet. Wash up it then cut off at the edges of prickle and cut leaf lengthways. Further put the fleshy party of leaf on callosity and fix it by adhesive plaster. You go so day that the callosity could be softened to the basis that will allow to remove it accurately.

7. Use for removal of dry callosity prunes with milk. For this purpose it is necessary to boil prunes in 100 grams of milk about 15-20 minutes. Further take out stone from prunes and apply its pulp to callosity. As soon as the compress cools down, take hot prunes again and repeat action. Perform such procedure not less than 10 times a day.

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