How to get rid of excess centimeters

How to get rid of excess centimeters

The discontent with body weight and parameters of figure can lead to emergence of inferiority complex and decline in quality of life – the stout person suffers from problems with health, failures in private life and lack of career development.


1. Play sports. Banal council has a direct bearing most on problem of excess weight – in your life there has to be a lot of movement, at the same time it is not necessary to be limited only to regular trainings. You go on foot, you spend days off on trips and travel, have a rest actively. At healthy lifestyle of chances of acquisition of extra kilos it is not enough.

2. Eat less. Accustom the stomach to small portions – so you will avoid its excessive stretching, and will not overstrain digestive tract. Be not fond of short-term diets – you will lose weight very quickly, but also will gain it promptly and at once after removal of tight restrictions in food. Change the eating habits gradually and slowly – the organism will not have stress will get used quicker.

3. Keep account of the lost kilograms and centimeters. Evident representation of progress in business of weight reduction is powerful incentive to further improvement of figure. Make the table and fill out it weekly – you will be able to estimate efficiency of the technique of weight loss and to be inspired on further achievements. At the same time loss of centimeters is much more important than loss of kilograms – weight reduction is often connected with liquid loss, and reduction of volumes represents specific result of your efforts.

4. Drink a lot of water. Water will bring all fulfilled substances, toxins and slags out of organism, will return to skin elasticity and elasticity. Loss of weight is always followed by decrease in turgor of skin therefore provide to organism sufficient moistening.

5. Clean organism. Normalization of work of intestines, liver and other digestive organs leads to weight reduction – cleaning procedures "remove" all superfluous, activate metabolism. Fasting days and practice of medical starvation also promote conclusion of slags.

6. Get rid of cellulitis. The dense crust on hipsof and buttocks always adds several centimeters to your volumes. The variety of procedures, techniques and ways of disposal of "orange-peel" allows to choose the most suitable option for you. Massages, wrappings, saloon procedures will allow figure to find pleasant outlines.

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