How to get rid of hems on face

How to get rid of hems on face

Very many women and men suffer because of acne rash. Most often it happens at teenage age. The crap if managed to cope with this problem, often there is also another – on the place of pimples and eels ugly reddish hems of which to get rid quite hard are formed.

1. First of all begin to keep to the correct diet. It is the best of all if you are recommended by her doctor. Remember that too sharp change of diet can provoke appearance of new eels and pimples so be consecutive and careful.

2. Begin to look after skin correctly. Consult with the doctor, let he will appoint to you medicines (as for application inside, and locally), special cosmetics. You can make skin care in salons. Most often there use the medicines containing acid which causes the peeling and bleaching effect. As a rule, the course of treatment makes not less than three months.

3. Try some cosmetic procedures aimed at removal of hems. The most widespread procedures are peelings. Peelings are various. On extent of influence they are divided into superficial, median and deep. The last are even forbidden in the territory of our country (for example, with use of phenol) as at such peeling half of lethal dose of substance is used.

4. There are chemical peelings which essence consists in drawing on skin of the medicines containing acid, and then those which neutralize it. At the end of such procedure the restoring mask is put on face.

5. There is also massage with use of liquid nitrogen. This procedure still is called cryomassage. At this procedure by means of cotton tampon liquid nitrogen is applied on problem zones or the stream of very cold air goes.

6. Microdermabrasion is grinding of skin by means of powder from aluminum oxide. Also perfectly peels skin, but does not affect again formed eels and pimples.

7. There is also laser grinding of skin at which skin is influenced by lasers of different power. Such procedure is carried out under the general anesthesia, at it the upper layer of the skin is removed therefore she on herself is very painful, but and it is very effective.

8. Besides professional cosmetic procedures you can try to cope with hems and folk remedies in house conditions. There are some councils: Recipe 1. Part tablespoon of green clay with warm water to consistence of gruel. Drip in this mix several drops of oil of rosemary, carefully mix and apply on hems and spots. In 15 minutes carefully wash away, grease face with cream. Recipe 2. Mix tablespoon of honey with teaspoon of cinnamon and put on all face. This mask well bleaches skin and accelerates process of disappearance of hems. Recipe 3. Small cut bunch of parsley and fill in 200 ml. boiled water, let's infuse within half an hour. After that cool broth and fill with it mold for ice. Freeze and wipe face every morning with such ice cube.

9. Remember that all procedures have to be carried out not from time to time, and is systematic.

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