How to get rid of hypostasis century

How to get rid of hypostasis century

The causes of hypostasis are very extensive and various century, beginning from evening plentiful tea drinking and finishing with viewing the melodrama with the most touching final. At the same time variety of the causes of hypostases generates century also set of ways of the solution of this problem.


1. In case the century has swelled has happened to you far not for the first time, and constantly pursues you on course of life as one of collateral "symptoms" of periods, will help you aromatherapy. Add couple of drops of oil of rosemary, geranium or juniper to tablespoon of the vegetable refined oil. Apply all this accurately to eyelid skin and all face and make light massage.

2. If the cause of morning hypostasis that in the evening you have afforded too many salty products helps you steam bath. In bowl with boiled water make kidneys and leaves of birch and take over steam the person about 10 minutes – hypostases will leave.

3. Will help to remove puffiness and washing by broths of herbs. For such purposes in drugstore it is worth buying thyme, linden, mint or camomile. In case you on face have no reddenings or expanded vessels, you can quite make ice of these broths and is accurate, having turned in gauze, to wipe with it eyelid skin.

4. Quickly and effectively the mask from green tea will help to cope with problem. For its preparation you need the cooled tea and ordinary napkin. Wet napkin in liquid and apply to eyelid skin for 15 minutes.

5. Also the light weakening massage will help. Within two minutes you need to press slightly whisky, corners of eyes and to tap around eyes with finger-tips.

6. Quickly the potato compress will help to remove eyelid skin hypostasis. Grate potato and put gruel on eyelids for 15 minutes.

7. In case hypostases exasperate you very often, buy in drugstore special cream. Similar means increase elasticity of skin, increase microblood circulation and also promote liquid outflow improvement.

8. For elimination of problem you can address also to beauty shop. There will offer you special beauty equipment procedures which really give great effect.

9. Well and, of course, as preventive measures, limit the liquid use and also salty and smoked viands after 18:00. Give to dream not less than 8, and it is better than 10 hours a day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team