How to get rid of redness of cheeks

How to get rid of redness of cheeks

Certainly, the easy flush looks very beautifully. But if on cheeks there are regularly reddenings, it can indicate problems with health. Most often reddening meets on cheeks and wings of nose, sometimes on forehead. Usually it is connected with expansion of capillaries.

It is required to you

  • - pharmaceutical camomile;
  • - cucumber;
  • - parsley.


1. Systematic reddenings of face skin can be symptoms of allergy or other diseases of skin. First of all it is necessary to find out the reddening reason. If it is allergic reaction to food or something else, take allergy pill. Modern medicines have no somnolent effect and it is possible to drink them at any time.

2. If the reason of reddening is in response to new cosmetic, it needs to be removed carefully from skin. For removal use neutral soap without dyes or fragrances and also milk or soft cosmetic cream. It is impossible to use lotions which contain alcohol even in small amounts and also usual soap including children's.

3. After purification of leather wash infusion of herbs. Remarkable means is the ordinary camomile which is on sale in drugstores. The effect will be noticeable very quickly if to wash several times per day warm infusion. The camomile promotes effective and fast regeneration of cells of skin, calms, humidifies and disinfects it.

4. Remarkably pulp or juice of cucumber copes with reddenings. It can be applied without restriction as cucumber extract does not cause any allergic reactions. Peel cucumber of the average sizes, grate, and then put on the reddened places for 10 minutes.

5. Greatly parsley broth also will cope with reddenings or irritation. Make several bunches of parsley in boiled water and let's infuse 20 minutes. Then warm broth several times per day wash face. Skin will be bleached, and reddenings will quickly descend.

6. At tendency of skin to irritation and reddening it is necessary to show consideration for it especially. Cosmetics for daily leaving has to be selected carefully, study attentively structure, and experiment with new means more carefully.

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