How to give to skin elasticity

How to give to skin elasticity

Over time skin of each woman becomes less elastic and attractive. It can be connected with age, fast weight reduction or after pregnancy. You should not lower hands, it is necessary to make a few efforts - and your skin will become elastic and tightened. For this purpose it is not obligatory to visit expensive beauty shops at all, it is possible to experiment on the body in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - oat flakes, milk or natural yogurt;
  • - fresh yeast, milk;
  • - milk, honey, rose attar.


1. It is possible to give elasticity to skin in house conditions with the help of the known oat flakes to all. Take necessary amount of porridge (depends on the site of problem zone) and soak their some time in warm, not pasteurized milk or yogurt (natural). Grease with the prepared gruel flabby skin. Only twenty minutes later the skin overdried and lost elasticity will become more smooth and tightened. If you have mixed or fat type of skin, mix porridge handful with carefully beaten egg white and juice of one lemon. Use in the above way.

2. Prepare the following face pack: crush twenty grams of fresh yeast with small amount of warm milk. Peculiar gruel has to turn out. Put barmy mix on face and leave for fifteen minutes. When weight a little stiffens, begin to rub it in face with circular motions. Wash away the remains of mask warm water. Crude yeast dough can also be applied in the form of masks to neck and zone of decollete. For this purpose roll dough and wind with it neck; leave until it does not dry up.

3. Milk and honey bathtub – great way to tighten skin and to give it elasticity. Take cup of hot milk and cup of warm honey (to heat previously on water bath). Carefully mix these ingredients and add two tablespoons of rose attar. Pour out uniform consistence in bathtub with warm water. Duration of this procedure can vary at your discretion.

4. It is possible to achieve elasticity of skin of body by means of contrast compresses. Take two soft napkins, moisten one in hot water and impose for 2-4 minutes on problem zone, then impose cold compress for 10-15 minutes; alternate. This procedure promotes strengthening of muscles. Perfectly is suitable for neck and face.

5. The main method which will give to skin elasticity – occupation physical exercises. Many ladies want to receive ideal skin, but do not want to do exercises, referring to lack of time. Physical activities load the person with energy, well influence blood circulation and exchange processes. To skin useful substances and oxygen begin to arrive, the tone returns. Therefore it is worth taking dancing classes, gymnastics, aerobics, yoga or fitness (on your discretion).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team