How to grow long hair quickly

How to grow long hair quickly

To grow long hair not so difficult - it is enough to understand what growth of hair on the head of the person depends on. The norm put by genetics cannot be changed, but often happens so that hair owing to external influences and weakness, do not use the potential. So, what is necessary to grow long hair quickly?


  1. First, you should pay attention to condition of the organism, hair (and also skin and nails) are reflection of internal health (or problems with it). The lack of vitamins and mineral substances leads to loss, dimness and fragility of hair. Visit the doctor and check condition of the immunity - often bad hair are consequence of slow diseases and bad indicators of blood.
  2. Choose suitable vitamin and mineral complex for the organism and accept it every day. However, it does not cancel the various and balanced diet at all. Your food has to contain many vitamins and useful substances, necessary amount of fats, carbohydrates, and, above all - squirrel (as it is irreplaceable construction material). Eat fat grades of fish, they contain fat acid Omega-3, very useful to growth of hair. You should not forget also about light meat, chicken, turkey. Surely include in the menu nuts and bean, they are source of vitamin B which does structure of skin and hair dense, and look - healthy.
  3. Vitamin B also strengthens nervous system which activity violation, in turn, also is the reason of bad condition of hair. Try to get enough sleep and to worry less - and in week you will see how hair and eyes have begun to shine! Walk in the fresh air much and lead active lifestyle - physical activities not only improve mood, but also remarkably affect blood circulation which is important for growth of hair too. The organism is saturated with oxygen and uses all the opportunities, not excepting indumentum potential.
  4. Every evening mass head skin massage brush and comb hair. It to improve inflow of blood to the head and roots of hair ""will recover"" and become active for growth. Combing will remove the died-off scales and dust from hair, having released time for so important breath. Do not pull together hair with elastic bands and hairpins - it will negatively affect growth as the blood-groove will be broken.
  5. Correctly choose leaving according to the type of hair. For example, dry hair, without receiving enough food, will not grow at full capacity, just as oily hair which clean insufficiently and they cease to breathe. Hair have to be well humidified and clean. One-two times a week do nutritious masks and also special masks for roots of hair. Usually they are on the basis of castoric, burdock or almond oils, and it is even better - their mixes. Masks need to be put in the warmed-up look to strengthen blood inflow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team