How to hide extensions

How to hide extensions

Unfortunately, it is completely possible to remove extensions only after medical examination and under observation of experts, however it is possible to make them less noticeable independently. For this purpose it is not obligatory to spend funds for campaign to the cosmetologist, it is enough to carry out some simple procedures of the house.


1. Begin with healthy nutrition. Bring in the diet products protein-rich, zinc and vitamins C, D and E.K to such products belong: seafood, wheat bran, nuts, vegetables and fruit, dairy products. Observe the drinking mode. Drink not less than two pure liters daily. Water increases elasticity and elasticity of skin.

2. Will help to make extensions less noticeable massage by means of silicone can. Apply massage oil, cream or vaseline on body. Squeeze to bank, densely lean it against body and unclench. Bank has to stick to skin, and in it to be formed the vacuum. Do direct horizontal movements 5 minutes on each zone. After massage take warm shower. This massage quite painful, but helps to reduce not only extensions, but also fat deposits.

3. Essential oils will help with fight against extensions. Mix two drops of oil of lavender, incense and not roles. Daily grease with the received mix skin in places of extensions. For reduction of extensions by breasts use mix from 3 drops of geranium, 3 drops of orange oil and 1 tablespoon of oil of almonds. Taking bath, add 3 drops of camomile oil, 3 drops of oil of lavender and 1 tablespoon of salt. Combine oils with vacuum massage.

4. Two-three times a week do peeling. Mix 200 g of salt, 200 g of sugar and 100 ml of olive or vegetable oil. For 3-5 minutes rub the received mix in skin with circular motions. The crushed coffee beans mixed with yogurt also can serve as means for peeling.

5. After peeling grease skin with cream from extensions which you can independently prepare. For this purpose mix 150 g of yogurt, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and grated dried peel of one lemon. Or tablet pharmaceutical mummy, dissolved in spoon of boiled water, mix with children's cream.

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