How to keep suntan for a long time

How to keep suntan for a long time

Suntan gives to the owner healthy look. Today there are several ways to give to skin golden shade. It is the natural suntan received during the holiday in sea resorts or just city beach, enjoys wide popularity also artificial, acquired in sunbed. Anyway, there is a wish to keep pleasant shade as long as possible.

It is required to you

  • - coffee thick;
  • - tomatoes;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - cottage cheese;
  • - milk.


1. Refuse washing by hot water. High temperature promotes softening of the upper layer of the skin. At the same time epidermis is actively updated, gradually replacing cages with the increased melanin level. Suntan at the same time turns pale and loses brightness. Especially it is necessary to avoid frequentations of bath, sauna.

2. Try to reduce washing duration also. Optimal variant - that your stay under shower lasted no more than 10 minutes. Most concerns also time of reception of bathtub. Use only the softest detergents. Exclude means with effect of chemical peeling.

3. Buy soft detergent with effect of moistening and nutrition. It will allow to recover skin after the drying influence of ultraviolet. Additional food will give to cages ability to be restored after the microdamages put in the course of fire.

4. Try to use cosmetics for shower on the basis of oils. It will allow not only to prevent suntan washing off, but also will promote skin improvement.

5. Use the means for leaving on the basis of natural components which are specially intended for suntanned skin, for example, by the baby moisturizing oil, they will make it smooth and gentle.

6. Try to choose cosmetics with the high level of content of vitamin E. This measure will allow to prevent emergence of peeling and reddenings on skin. The medical effect in this case will be provided to your skin. Conditioning agents with hyaluronic acid and glycerin with their deep natural softening impact on skin will be especially effective.

7. Use national recipes of maintaining suntan. Apply coffee thick on body. Wait 15 minutes, and then wash away it. Or make mask of tomatoes. Mix 3 tomatoes, teaspoon of vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese, the dining room milk spoon. Apply for 20 minutes on body, wash away warm water.

8. Maintaining suntan is helped also by vitamin A. Enter into the diet products with its contents. It is spinach, milk, egg yolk, tomatoes, butter, beef liver. Drink carrot or apricot juice. Vitamin A is better acquired with fats. For example, eat carrots with sour cream or vegetable oil. Vegetables and fruit of red and orange color are useful to maintaining suntan.

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