How to look after lips (6 councils)

How to look after lips (6 councils)

The shelled, cracked skin on lips disturbs? This trouble is familiar practically to all. And if decorative lipstick is also applied on such lips – the show leaves quite unpleasant. Thin and gentle skin of lips requires daily care. It is enough to follow simple rules that lips always were well-groomed.


1. Clean lips before going to bed. During the day settles large number of parts of dust and dirt on skin of lips. It is undesirable to use soap for clarification of lips, it is necessary to use the soft cleaning means (for example, means for eyes). For clarification apply means on cotton tampon or sponge, then quiet movements remove residues of lipstick, dust and dirt from lips.

2. That lips always were soft, use the peeling peeling. But you remember that the peeling has to be delicate, it is impossible to use the peeling intended for face skin. For lips can be part of peelings: shea butter, sugar crystals, vitamin C, etc.

3. Lips also need food. Use several times a week masks for lips. It is possible to apply house masks, for example, natural honey. Apply honey on lips, and in a few minutes pinch it language. Tasty advantage for lips and health.

4. Protect lips from negative impact of the environment. Buying lipstick, give preference of that which has sun-protection factor. Use the moisturizing lip balms from vitamins E, In, various oils. The moistened lips always look more volume and ukhozhenny.

5. For giving to lips of volume use lipsticks which contain the substances improving blood circulation: cinnamon, pepper, ginger. And lipstick with collagen will help to smooth small wrinkles.

6. Before going to bed massage the sponges, so you improve their blood circulation, at the same time and food. It is possible to make massage by soft toothbrush. Skin of lips after such massage will gain softness, and inflow of blood will give effect of volume. Such well-groomed lips by all means will want to be kissed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team