How to look after tattoo after drawing

How to look after tattoo after drawing

Tattoo - one of the most ancient symbols by means of which the person tried to convey any information to people around. These drawings carried sacral value earlier, and now in most cases are just ornament. That the tattoo long pleased with the clearness and brightness of paints, it is necessary to look after it correctly.

Fresh tattoo - what to do in the first days after drawing

Fresh tattoos are very sensitive to sunlight and mechanical influences. Therefore the first month it is necessary to look after the drawing very carefully. Especially it concerns the first week after drawing tattoo.

Right after completion of work on the drawing the master will close the place of drawing by food wrap. It becomes to protect tattoo from contact with clothes and surrounding objects. It is necessary to remove film through one and a half - two hours. After that it is accurate, warmish water to wash skin with antibacterial soap or shower gel. Bast not to rub at all! To dry the place of tattoo by means of soft clean towel and to apply Bepanten ointment. It is better to use it, but not cream of the same brand as ointment more dense and gets into deep skin layers.

The first week should be put ointment four times a day. If the tattoo has been made in the flying, then at exit to the sun it should be closed light cotton clothes or sterile leaky bandage. In the first seven days the drawing is very sensitive to sunshine, paints instantly burn out. For this reason it is worth not only being protected from the sun, but also to limit visit of sunbed at least for month after drawing the drawing.

Care for tattoo - that needs to be known

In week after drawing tattoo it is possible to use ointment once a day. But here it is better to look at condition of the drawing. If the big area of leather has been mentioned, then the ichor can long exude, and in this case and the second week it is necessary to put Bepanten two - three times a day. And if the tattoo has well begun to live, it is not necessary to do it, once suffices in the evening. It is better to hold fresh tattoo more often in the open air - so it will quicker be dried and will begin to live. In the first month it is necessary to avoid visit of sauna, the pool, instead of bathtub to take shower. You should not wear close clothes - from friction of paint will fade, the tattoo should be remade. Tattoo it is not necessary to rub bast, to apply on it srub. All this reduces the term of its service - paints grow dull and are washed away. The tattoo before exit to the beach needs to be greased with protective cream with the UF filter not lower than fifty. Otherwise the drawing will burn out in the sun. It concerns not only the first days after drawing tattoo, this rule should follow at each session of suntan. It will allow to keep the drawing bright and accurate for a long time.

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