How to look always excellent

How to look always excellent

Always to look perfectly well and to be satisfied with reflection in mirror, rather daily to find for itself favourite a little time. It will not make big work. Just enter into habit to begin morning and to finish day from care for the appearance.


  1. Most often the age of the woman is given by her skin. Therefore follow several rules to support its elasticity and purity. Before going to bed surely remove make-up and put night cream on face. Once a month you carry out face peel and weekly the procedure of peeling. Consider that independent cleaning of skin can result in deplorable results. It is the best of all to visit beauty shop where will be engaged in your skin professionally. And in house conditions do not forget to indulge the person nutritious masks.
  2. If you are not able to afford to visit hairdressing salons, learn to do manicure and pedicure. Well-groomed nails will add your appearance of charm. Do not forget also about depilation. The beautiful woman with hairy legs makes very strange impression. If you have no talent of the hairdresser, at least once in two – three weeks resort to services of the master.
  3. Even the stout woman can look perfectly if possesses at the same time article. Do not allow the muscles to relax. Be engaged in physical exercises. For keeping fit of rather small charging in the mornings or easy jog. Well, and if you have decided to reach ideal, change the power supply circuit. Exclude the products containing starch and fats from the menu. Do not dare to give in to temptation to eat something sweet.
  4. Try not to lag behind the last orders of the day. Also do not complain about lack of finance constantly to change the clothes. It is not necessary to buy all new clothes every season. It is enough to get several things which will be combined with the others. And if you perfectly sew or knit, you should have no problems with change of clothes at all.
  5. At all your efforts dim, brittle hair can spoil picture. To avoid problem and to return the to hair gloss, daily do massage of the head by usual massage brush. Buying shampoo, paint and other cosmetics for hair care, be guided not by the prices, and on that they approach or not your type of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team