How to look beautiful for New year

How to look beautiful for New year

for celebration of New year takes away many forces, time and means. In New Year's Eve efforts of care of themselves pale into insignificance therefore to take care of that in festive night to look faultless, follows in advance.


  1. Pick up dress, think over make-up. Prepare dress or suit in which you will be on New Year's Eve. If you have decided to try new type of make-up, then make sample test – make up and look, how well your image corresponds to the chosen dress. Colors, common features and hairstyle have to be in harmony.
  2. Prepare hair. It is better to make new hairstyle, coloring or wave one week prior to holiday – you will have time to correct hairstyle if something is not pleasant. Visit the stylist-makeup artist who will make to you test option of laying and then several hours prior to celebration you will need only to build the chosen hairstyle.
  3. Complete course of the looking after procedures. Face peel, several sessions of massage, peeling procedures, epilation and wrappings will help to make skin elastic and tightened. You will emphasize well-groomed look with competent make-up and the corresponding clothes.
  4. Twist eyelashes. The form of bend of eyelashes changes look, does it open and expressive. You can use nippers for change of shape of eyelashes how to do make-up or to make chemical wave for few weeks about New year.
  5. You do make-up in the evening. Be not painted since morning – house efforts will nullify your efforts. In several hours before you sit down at holiday table, freshen up, impose mask on face skin and century, have a little a rest. Use visual effects to give to skin transparency and shine – foundation with flickering elements, friable powder, light shadows on skin under eyes and internal corners of eyes. Surely use the adjusting means, concealers which will disguise small defects and circles under eyes. Choose lipstick in tone to the main coloring of dress, the swelling and volume will help to add gloss to lips.
  6. Do not forget about accessories. Earrings, necklace, bracelets can emphasize your beauty not worse than the most refined make-up. The most plain dress of strict style can be made festive and elegant by means of bright accents – beautifully tied scarf, the sparkling brooch, brilliant hairpin in hair, original belt, etc.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team