How to make face skin healthy

How to make face skin healthy

Healthy and beautiful face skin is dream of many women. Stresses, bad ecology, improper feeding, nocturnalism – all this affects condition of skin far not in the best way. But at the correct leaving you will be able quite to return it healthy look.


1. Regularly purify skin, in day on it dust, dirt and skin allocations accumulate. For washing use the mineral, distilled or boiled water. After you have washed, impose the moisturizing cream for your type of skin.

2. For the night surely completely wash away all cosmetics from face. Do it by means of special means for removal of make-up. On sale there are sets for skin clarification which usually enter skin for washing, make-up remover milk, lotion and tonic. Before purchase attentively study structure of cosmetic products, it is good if there are vitamins and natural additives there, and here the content of alcohol is undesirable.

3. Several times a week use srubs and face packs. Buy several masks: cleaning, moistening and nutritious. It is peculiar cosmetic first-aid kit on different cases. The most important choose all means depending on the type of skin and its requirements.

4. Except masks it is very useful to have in the fridge in advance made ice from useful grass broths. Regularly wipe with such cubes face, they will narrow pores, will help to be refreshed and take off fatigue.

5. The majority of problems with skin arise from improper feeding. Reconsider the usual diet, increase consumption of vegetables and fruit. They contain antioxidants which help to struggle with free radicals - substances which are formed in organism as a result of influence of adverse environmental conditions and stress.

6. Drink more usual water without gas, it humidifies and cleans organism from slags, provides normal functioning of all systems and improves metabolism. Thanks to what you receive good complexion and the healthy moisturized skin. Limit consumption of coffee and alcoholic drinks. They causes organism dehydration, and as a result - dim complexion, hypostases and swellings are provided to you.

7. Add sea fish, olive oil and fermented milk products to the menu. Olive oil is the real elixir of beauty, in its structure there are substances which struggle with free radicals, interfering with processes of aging of skin and organism in general. Sea fish and seafood contain vitamins A, B, D and E which improve condition of skin and hair. And your intestines "will be delighted" to fermented milk products.

8. Observe these simple recommendations, and you will see how after a while the condition of your skin considerably will improve.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team