How to make hairstyle cascade in house conditions

How to make hairstyle cascade in house conditions

The hairstyle cascade is suitable almost for each face type, it is capable to emphasize oval, to show beauty of hair, having created unique womanly image. Best of all such type of hairstyle looks on direct curls. The cascade significantly increases the volume of rare hair, for heavy and dense such hairstyle not really approaches, especially, if it becomes independently at home - it is possible to gain effect of "shock on the head".

Equipment of hairstyle cascade

At first sight the hairstyle can seem very difficult, but it is possible to execute it independently in house conditions even without certain skills. Of course, it is unlikely in this case the hairstyle can be compared to creations of professional hairdressers, but if to work slowly and accurately, it is possible to achieve quite worthy result.

The hairstyle should be done on moist clean hair, by means of hairbrush the hair should be divided into horizontal zones - layers couple centimeters wide. Locks of each zone are fixed by clips.

First of all it is necessary to cut the lower layer of hair - there locks will be the longest. Further the layers located above have hair cut. As a result it is necessary to do each layer a little is shorter than previous. Each layer is peculiar step in structure of hairstyle. What them will be more, that the ready hairstyle will look more elegantly. The difference plays important role in length of locks too - than this difference more, that the hairstyle will look more volume. It is not the only existing equipment of hairstyle cascade. It is possible to begin from above, brushing hair from upper layer in the direction of the person and cutting them at the level of nose tip. Further it is also necessary to brush the following layer of hair on the person, being guided by cut locks - this layer of hair has to be longer than the first. All layers have the same way hair cut. The shortest locks will appear about the person in upper part of the head, long - is closer to nape in the lower part of the head.

Registration of hairstyle cascade

In house conditions it is possible to try to make hairstyle cascade - both above-mentioned methods are rather simple. But the main thing is final registration of hairstyle. It is important to issue correctly contour, for this purpose it is required to comb all hair in different directions through growth from the top, further - to cut. Tapering of tips allows to give to hair big vivacity and ease, having effectively allocated locks of such hairstyle. Ordinary scissors will not approach here, it is necessary to get special tapering.

Laying of hairstyle cascade for every day

The main principle - giving of volume, careful laying of tips. Laying for every day becomes simply: clean hair it is necessary to dry up phenom, evenly leveling them and slightly extending. The head at the same time is hung down. After drying it is possible to allocate tips of hair by means of gel or wax for laying. The lightest hair preparation is skin, wax - heavier therefore it is better to choose means for laying, proceeding from your type hair.

Laying of hairstyle cascade for holiday

Such interesting hairstyle can be stacked and festively. Hair should be washed, slightly to dry them towel, further to apply on them skin and to dry up phenom, extending curls parallel to floor. Here availability of round hairbrush with rather dense bristle will be required - it levels hair, at the same time slightly rounding off them and not damaging. After drying the tips of hair should be tightened up outside that the hairstyle looked more playfully.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team