How to make large waves on hair

How to make large waves on hair

More and more popular every day are hairstyles in retro style. Undoubtedly, this style suits practically each woman and gives to its image refinement and refinement. You quite can independently make large waves on hair.

It is required to you

  • Hairbrush, clips, skin for laying, the hair dryer, hairspray


  1. It is known that the hairstyle of wave was favourite hairstyle of Marilyn Monroe. In honor of sex symbol of the 50th years this hairstyle has received the name Hollywood Waves. At first wash up hair and a little them dry towel.
  2. Then put skin for laying, distributing it on all length of hair, using hairbrush with wide teeths.
  3. Later dry up hair phenom. Create volume, raising hair at roots. To keep curls in good condition, you always dry them under the influence of cold, but not hot air. Pin up upper locks that when laying they did not disturb you.
  4. Now divide all hair into locks. Wind each lock on the curling iron. It is important to observe the direction that afterwards all curls have been turned in one party. Only then your hairstyle will look finished. In the last turn start turning of upper locks. Then by means of brush brush curls. Fix waves by clips. Sprinkle hairstyle varnish to record result. You can leave hair down let or fix them behind.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team