How to make long fingers

How to make long fingers

of us want to be ideal completely. But sometimes our natural beauty should be corrected slightly. How visually to extend our fingers?


  1. The easiest way is to grow long nails. And for this purpose it is necessary to begin with the general strengthening of organism. Buy vitamins C calcium, it will provide rapid growth of nails. Manicurists advise to do the same finger-tips baths. For this purpose you need to take lemon and to squeeze out it in plate or cup. Lower the marigold there. It is so necessary to sit 10-15 minutes. The oils which are contained in citrus very well strengthen nail plate.
  2. The following method - manicure. That fingers seemed longer, make up nails corporal varnish. Also the service jacket will approach. The closer to skin shade you will pick up color of varnish, the visual effect will be better.
  3. If it is impossible to grow the nails in any way, try building or gel covering. The first way more radical. Upper part of nail plate is cut that glue held artificial nail (tips) better. Of course, both the cuticle, and plate at the same time are injured very strongly. Therefore it is better to prefer the second option - gel covering. Own nail at the same time becomes covered by special structure which does it strong, does not allow to break. It will give you the chance to grow own claws of necessary are long. The artificial covering can be painted with any varnish, to do manicure habitual to you.
  4. Better choose rings thin, without stones. Massive wide jewelry visually cuts your palm in half that does fingers shorter.
  5. In cold season you wear gloves from dark skin. Dark colors visually narrow palm, it seems to more elegant.
  6. And it is not important that the nature and heredity have not presented you with musical fingers. Having modern cosmetics in arsenal and knowing small cunnings, you will only know of shortcomings of your handles. And all others will see before themselves the elegant lady with narrow, long, aristocratic palm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team