How to make skin brilliant

How to make skin brilliant

At last there has come the summer, and winter clothes are taken off, it is possible to hold up almost all body to the sun and air, and so there is a wish to brag of the shining brilliant skin. However many are waited by disappointment – after winter it often dim and gray. To give it beautiful view, it is necessary to work at himself a little.


1. It is necessary to remove surely (and it is regularly better to do it) the keratosic parts of skin, i.e. to carry out peeling. Use any means suitable for you – those who are not able to afford peeling saloon, can spend independently it at home. There is a lot of means – from national to ready store.

2. After peeling surely apply nutritious oil to skin, rub it quiet movements until it is absorbed.

3. It is possible to use also special tinting means – the subtle shade of suntan will give to skin healthier and attractive look.

4. For evening skin care it will be useful to include means with Retinolum or with alpha gidkroksilnymi acids – they delete dead cells and do skin of more smooth.

5. After shower surely apply to skin the good moistening means – dim look usually at dry skin.

6. If constantly to look after in this way body skin, then it will be smooth, shining and shining. There is only small stroke – before exit from the house put means with reflective particles – they will give to skin the shining shimmering effect, as at film stars. You should not cover completely skin with this means – several strokes on those sites which you want to highlight, will be enough.

7. It is also necessary to remember that healthy skin – only at healthy people. It is very important to eat, refuse properly fat and sweet, there are more vegetables, fruit, to drink water and green tea, natural juice. And then skin will begin to shine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team