How to make skin is more swarty

How to make skin is more swarty

What is necessary to look more suntanned how to emphasize the suntan and to make it as much as possible attractive and saturated? There are several ways and cunnings by means of which your suntan will be surprisingly beautiful, noticeable and saturated.


1. First, if you visit sunbed (though it concerns also ""natural"" solar bathtubs, then you obviously should not sunbathe with fanaticism, at once and for a long time holding up the body to sunshine. To receive beautiful and saturated suntan, not long time, but the correct approach is important: it is worth beginning with absolutely small time which should be increased gradually. Thus skin does not grow bare, does not burn and is not overdried, and gradually darkens and eventually gets beautiful and saturated shade.

2. One of very widespread mistakes in pursuit of deep and saturated tan is refusal of protective equipment with ultra-violet filters. Actually it is quite misleading, protection of skin against peresushivaniye and obgoraniye is extraordinary is important. Only gradual suntan can be resistant - so you obviously should pay attention to protective lotions and cream with factor suitable for you.

3. To emphasize suntanned face, you should use powders and highlighters with reflective particles. Perfectly powder from balls of various shades approaches, from pastel-beige to bronze-brown by means of which you can create surprising shades and differently emphasize cheekbones.

4. If you want to seem to more swarty and hesitate of own pallor, then try not to choose dark shades of hair. Fair natural hair allows to focus attention even on absolutely slightly suntanned skin.

5. Pastel tone in clothes are capable to help suntan to become more noticeable and obvious too. White, beige, color of ivory - choose clothes of these gentle shades, and your skin will seem is much more swarty. Surprisingly, but the similar rule works and with black color - it perfectly emphasizes suntan, however, skin already have to be pretty swarty.

6. As for body lotions, help to emphasize suntan those which contain reflective particles in the structure. Skin after their application looks smooth, beautiful and swarty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team