How to bleach skin in house conditions

How to bleach skin in house conditions

Roughnesses of skin color of the person are present almost at each woman. Someone hides them behind the tinting means, and someone tries to fight by bleaching method. Effective way, and, above all, quite feasible in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - lemon juice
  • - egg white
  • - water
  • - sugar
  • - cucumbers
  • - berries


1. The reasons for which there is desire to bleach face skin there can be set, and it is not always just whim of female mind, sometimes bleaching – compulsory measure. Unsuccessful suntan, pigmental spots, uneven complexion, and even freckles which sometimes do not cause admiration and affections of the quantity at all.

2. Attempts to bleach skin, but not to hide nature defects behind cosmetics, are laudable as frequent use of cosmetics will lead to fast aging of skin, blockage, peeling and many other undesirable consequences. And moderate bleaching, especially folk remedies, not only will present you equal skin color, but also favorably will influence her.

3. houseconditionsIt is not as difficult to bleach skin in as can show at the beginning, and, above all, not so expensively, as in beauty shops where, in fact, almost same procedures, as at home, but only will be made with use of means with unclear names and the frightening price.

4. Citric acid is most effective in bleaching. Try to mix lemon juice, egg white, two teaspoons of water and teaspoon of sugar, having brought mix to homogeneous mass. Evenly apply the turned-out mix to previously cleaned skin and leave on the 30th mine then wash away just warm water and moisturize the skin cream. Through 7 procedures with frequency of times in two days the result will be already visible.

5. When the strawberry season begins, it is possible to do masks of strawberry or strawberry with cream. The acid which is contained in berry also perfectly bleaches skin and gives it healthy look. It is rather simple to pound berry and to put gruel on face for about 15 minutes, after to wash away water and to humidify.

6. It is possible to bleach skin in house conditions the cucumbers grated and mixed with sour cream - 20-30 minutes of times a day will quickly yield result. There is a lot of ways, the main thing to be puzzled with process.

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