How to make so that the breast has grown

How to make so that the breast has grown

Slender waist, roundish hips and big high breast – dream of each woman. And if the waist and hips give in to correction by means of sport, then how to make so that the breast has grown?

Under the skin covering breast the mammary gland is located. By means of connecting fabric it fastens to thorax muscles. Around mammary gland and also between its shares, the fat layer is located. Fat cages make the most part of breast and, respectively, form its size. Also the size of breast is influenced by the size of the most mammary gland.

I exist various myths how to increase breast "in house conditions":

There is more cabbage. Very many believe in this delusion, but actually cabbage can help to increase breast only partly and only at teenage age when at girls the figure is formed. The use of this product only thanks to the fact that it contains vitamins and minerals which allow body to develop harmoniously can affect the size. Complex of physical exercises. Actually the sport is useful to organism, but if to begin to pump over diligently breast, it will increase only the muscles which are under mammary gland. Of course, visually the breast will begin to seem though a little, but it is more. Magic results which promise advertizing banners, of course, will not occur. Increase cream and raising of breast. Actually these cream I affect only skin. They can help to support its elasticity and elasticity, but will not increase the size. Thus, various cosmetic miracles do not influence the size of mammary glands, but undoubtedly positively influence skin tone. Some means help including to cope with the extensions appearing as a result of sharp fluctuation of weight.

There are ways to increase breast which really I work. However, with reservations. The size of breast increases at pregnancy and feeding. At pregnancy and feeding at women the amount of the hormones influencing the size of mammary gland changes, and the breast becomes one size more, and sometimes and on two-three. However after the end of breastfeeding, the hormonal background returns to the habitual condition and the size of breast again can decrease. The size of breast increases along with increase in amount of subcutaneous fat. When the woman recovers, subcutaneous fat collects in all body including in breast. However it is worth understanding that it will not solve all problems. To increase breast by 1 size, it is necessary to gain about 10 kg of fat weight. Not any girl is ready to offer slim figure for the sake of increase in bust. Especially considering that at weight loss the breast besides will return to the initial size. The last, most effective way – implants. Implantation of implants - the only really effective way helping to increase breast or to correct its form. However before operation it is worth choosing very carefully the doctor, not to save money. Unsuccessful operation can lead to negative consequences. The artificial breast requires attention and it is impossible to insert implants of times and on always. In 10-15 the obligatory correction of form will be required that costs rather much.

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