How to make that suntan did not grow bare

How to make that suntan did not grow bare

After the vacation spent on the seashore so there is a wish to keep chocolate shade of skin and special charm of suntan. However over time suntan begins to grow bare, and skin loses noble golden shade. To keep suntan for a long time, it is necessary to follow number of simple councils.

Even in few months after the vacation spent on the seashore, skin can remain beautiful and suntanned, it is necessary to look after only correctly and reasonably the body and the person. To begin to care for maintaining suntan for long term it is necessary at the earliest stage, directly during preparation for rest.

Preparation for suntan sessions

Before trip to the sea it is necessary to carry out careful peeling that will help to purify leather from old dead cells and in the best way will prepare it for suntan. Every morning it is worth having glass of carrot juice, it will help you to get quickly equal bronze shade of suntan and will protect skin from harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

During suntan

Before the sessions of suntan it is necessary to use the sun-protection means corresponding to your type of skin. It is better to begin with dense textures, for example, from cream, and then it is possible to pass gradually to lotions and oils for suntan. It is the safest to sunbathe in shadow, but not under the open sun. After acceptance of solar bathtubs it is necessary to moisturize the skin well.

Special means with the cooling effect perfectly will be suitable for moistening of skin after suntan.

Besides moistening and nutrition, means after suntan will provide reliable protection of suntan and will calm skin after influence of ultraviolet rays. To continue to moisturize regularly face skin and bodies follows also after arrival from rest, then it will not grow bare or be shelled. Also it is worth refusing use of rigid srubs and visit of sauna or bath as it inevitably leads to skin regeneration process acceleration.

For maintaining suntan it is worth refusing use of cosmetics with effect of bleaching of skin.

Diet for maintaining suntan

To keep golden shade of skin, it is also necessary to supply organism with useful substances and vitamins from within. Special attention should be paid to the products rich with amino acids and vitamins A, With and E.V diet it is necessary to include fat grades of fish, beef or pork liver, bananas, apricots, eggs, peanut, black tea, sesame and millet. The richest with vitamin C juice is orange, grapefruit, garnet and pineapple. Important role in maintaining suntan is played also by water balance in organism, for its maintenance it is necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, it can be mineral water or fresh juices. To remain suntanned all the year round, it is possible to visit periodically sunbed, however you should not do it is more often than one-two times a month.

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