How to make the correct shape of eyebrows

How to make the correct shape of eyebrows

What needs to be known before pulling out eyebrows? Correction of eyebrows is, certainly, very responsible procedure, eyebrows are one of the most noticeable features, they set to it expression and are capable to change appearance strongly. So, our purpose - ideal eyebrows!


  1. For a start you need to know that at correction of eyebrows the hygiene is very important: the microinflammations which have appeared after inaccurate correction will hardly serve as ornament and besides they are happy are dangerous. So before starting plucking out, carefully disinfect tweezers and skin around eyebrows.
  2. To soften gentle skin and eyebrows, use nutritious hypoallergenic cream. For example, children's. If at its structure there is camomile extract - that it wonderfully as its antiseptic properties will make the procedure of plucking out of safer. Apply cream with thin layer and let's it be absorbed.
  3. So, how it is better to pull out your eyebrows? First, you should define where it has to begin and come to an end. To make it very just by means of thin stick or pencil: apply one end to nose tip, and another - to internal corner of eye. It is point where the eyebrow has to begin. Now move the end of pencil or stick to external corner of eye, leaving point of support on nose tip. Here the eyebrow has to come to an end.
  4. It is known that direct and dense eyebrows give the person imperious and strict expression, with noticeable and sharp bend approximately in the middle - enthusiastic and surprised, and semicircular - romantic and slightly naive look.
  5. Also you can resort to very simple cunning: just take clean and soft pencil (it is desirable natural shade) and draw desirable form. Now take tweezers and pull out the superfluous and beaten-out from the line necessary to you hairs. It is necessary to make this procedure also on the pure and processed leather, but to apply cream as basis it is worth putting much less fat.
  6. If to pull out hairs rather painfully because of hypersensibility of skin, wipe it before the procedure ice from camomile infusion, or apply clean and cool napkin right after.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team